JoJo Obezo

At the age of 11 I enjoyed the art of fixing up model cars, and pedal bicycles.  When I was able to drive on the farm at the age of 12 in New York with my grandparents, it gave me the biggest boost of all.  Responsibility & Trustworthy.  I knew how to communicate and speak up.  At the age of 16 “finally” I reached my dream to have a Drivers License. 
Going to school and a part time job at night I only had one dream.  That was to Customize my Automobile.  Loving the sport, it turned into a passion for myself.  Meeting the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly, I learned very fast that you must Treat People The Way That You Want To Be Treated.  At the age of 18, I joined my 1st Car Club.  I had the opportunity to roommate with the President of the Car Club.  Who’s name has dimmed from the passage of time.  My brother & friend Marty Smith told me “When fixing up a car It’s All In The Detail”. 
The hardest point in my life was to sell my show car (which is in great hands of an NFL football player).  But I knew that it was the only way to financially start my career as an entrepreneur.  So assembling my First Mobile Unit, it all came true. 
Since 1996 myself and my crew have been detailing the finest cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and basically everything on wheels.  One thing about our service is that “We Are Mobile & We Come To You”.  That’s right!  Our units are self-contained with Water, Electric, & Air.  Yep, we detail your toy/ride at the beach. Ha Ha Ha! (true story).  So while your working or just relaxing by the pool.  Give us a Call & Set up an Appointment.     Remember,
                             BE HAPPY,
                                BE SAFE,
                                  BE CLEAN !

Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Clean!